4th Feb, 2018

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4th Feb 2018, 4:45 PM

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Update 2/5

Toby's a nice guy.

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5th Feb 2018, 1:30 PM

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"An Understanding"?!?

Careful Aisel, the Boogyman may make an appearance..


6th Feb 2018, 4:03 PM

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That might call for an eventual cameo. :)

Heads up call_me_tom, I believe you're out there somewhere.

Chippewa Ghost

5th Feb 2018, 7:41 PM

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Yeah, I'm also reading double meanings into every other panel.



6th Feb 2018, 4:50 PM

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Good news is, or bad news I guess(for certain individuals in this scene), is that there are a few different things going on. So, double entendres intended.


6th Feb 2018, 3:36 PM

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The money isn't dirty, the owner is! Wait... is she dirty? XD


6th Feb 2018, 4:51 PM

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I mean, she's a dirty hustler in a big game? xD But uh, she's also dirty with other people's blood too, so there's that.


11th Aug 2021, 10:08 AM

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Toby's expression in that last panel is pretty perfect. I love it a lot!


11th Aug 2021, 2:09 PM

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Toby's a no-nonsense kinda guy and all Aisel has is nonsense to him. :')