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25th Aug, 2021

2:33 Regulars
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25th Aug 2021, 7:25 AM

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Fun facts: this is a page I'd been looking forward to drawing for about a year by the time I actually drew it. I love how Hellen's face turned out in the first panel.

Surprise surprise, Aisel doesn't excel in patience. I never would have guessed.

Edit: I can't believe you guys actually outvoted violence for a pinup. Getting on that soon, will update with the link lol.

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25th Aug 2021, 10:14 AM

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Whaaat? No! I’m sure Aisel would let him have as long a break as he wants. He’s probably just too careful to take her up on it. That’s it, I’m sure.


25th Aug 2021, 2:35 PM

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You should uh, see the trainwreck that's the rest of their relationship sometime lol


25th Aug 2021, 12:36 PM

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Is this the first time her name's been mentioned in-comic?


25th Aug 2021, 2:35 PM

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Yes it is :D she hasn't really played any parts in a scene until here, so here's like her real introduction lol


25th Aug 2021, 11:03 PM

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Simeon is not someone I think I'd like under any context



26th Aug 2021, 7:53 AM

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He's got a... personality that causes specific kinds of problems.

My other favorite panel on this page was drawing his hand with the wallet, even though it took forever to get it to look right.


26th Aug 2021, 12:29 PM

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Last panel:
More evidence Aisel and Simeon are from the Cartel of Very Generous Tips...


26th Aug 2021, 12:53 PM

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That makes me think of the opening sequence of Reservoir Dogs...



26th Aug 2021, 9:29 PM

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Simeon do be shady, tho.


27th Aug 2021, 4:12 PM

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Sim Shady instead of slim shady

He's a weird dude.


27th Aug 2021, 6:36 AM

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"don't know half of it"-

Indeed! xD

But I guess he soon will.. o.O


27th Aug 2021, 4:13 PM

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PERHAPS, probably hahaha. We'll know the half of something soon lol.