2:14 Blow it

9th Jun, 2021

2:14 Blow it
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2nd Jun 2021, 5:22 AM

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Here we meet the woman behind the business, and we can't have nice things. This is Elliot's mom, btw.

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Mel Cormac

9th Jun 2021, 1:49 PM

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:( Poor Maks, he's trying


9th Jun 2021, 3:48 PM

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So hard too :(


9th Jun 2021, 8:04 PM

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damn dude, that's a logical development, but still...



10th Jun 2021, 6:45 AM

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This scene hurt my feelings a lot to write and draw. A lot.

Alice's jerry curl was a blast to portray though.


10th Jun 2021, 10:22 AM

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Maks and James (from Night Lights and Dark Places) need to meet up and have a pity-party... lol


10th Jun 2021, 11:17 AM

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They could use a cake at the party too hahaha