4:5 Alterations

29th Jun, 2022

4:5 Alterations
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29th Jun 2022, 7:15 AM

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Before leaving home he'd gotten hold of a little sewing kit of the most basic variety.

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29th Jun 2022, 7:51 AM

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“I just want to get yesterday off me” is an interesting line. Does he just mean that he wants to change/update his appearance from yesterday?


29th Jun 2022, 8:36 PM

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Well, yesterday was pretty eventful: Maks lost his job, got evicted, started looking for options & got hit by a car, got hired by Crow, passed the test job & got sent to Reno, ran into Aisel on the job and realized she’s connected to whatever this is, went back to try and get un-evicted, get caught in the rain….have that fight with Kio…and now we’re here!

Long day


29th Jun 2022, 9:05 AM

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Poor guy, yeah get yesterday off yah. You'll feel better trust me.


30th Jun 2022, 5:24 PM

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And a new outfit will help at least some of that, I’m sure!


29th Jun 2022, 9:49 AM

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That sewing kit is a genius idea to have along with you if you have to hunt for clothes like that.

I hate when yesterday is hard to scrub off ;D


30th Jun 2022, 5:29 PM

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It helps a lot! He’s usually hard pressed to find anything that fits

And well, as I mentioned in an above comment, yesterday was kind of a lot.


1st Jul 2022, 10:48 AM

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Going by YOUR comics, I'm sure that happened more than once!

(The scrubbing off yesterday thing, not the clothes thing. Maybe both, actually... lol)


1st Jul 2022, 11:33 AM

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You're forcing my hand to draw him having a spa day now


29th Jun 2022, 10:22 AM

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“I just want to get yesterday off me”

Highly quotable.


29th Jun 2022, 1:54 PM

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Sometimes simplicity of wording is more profound than any essay could ever manage.


30th Jun 2022, 5:30 PM

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@Lirvalis and @Threcaious Thank you, it’s a whole mood sometimes tbh


29th Jun 2022, 10:39 AM

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I'd say a hot shower would do the trick, but


29th Jun 2022, 10:52 AM

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I was going to say the same thing.
Is this a case of "like minds think alike" or is it "fools seldom differ"?


30th Jun 2022, 5:31 PM

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There’s reprieve to be had somehow and I know he needs to clean up. Wait and see :)


29th Jun 2022, 10:55 AM

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Going with the above comments, how DO his race cleanse themselves?

Also, you know you're in a bad place in life when you have to go dumpster-diving for "Army of Salvator" rejects.
Although, actually knowing how to sew, if only rudimentary, is a valuable life skill.


30th Jun 2022, 5:38 PM

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That question will be answered! Don’t worry. I’m glad I could illicit so much curiosity about their bathing habits hahaha

And aaaa, there’s a lot. At least people do usually throw away clothes that just need some mending or tlc


1st Jul 2022, 10:42 AM

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I read a book where this one race used dust baths instead of water. The dust may have had some symbiotic creatures that got rid of the nastier bits on their bodies, and then had an "air shower" to blow the dust off. Of course, that race was similar to sentient, space-faring elephants, but you get the idea... lol


1st Jul 2022, 10:43 AM

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He's gonna need a thimble if he wants to get that needle trough that leather (ask me how I know)...lol


30th Jun 2022, 1:27 PM

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Yay cool leather jacket!

I hope it isn't moldy..


30th Jun 2022, 5:39 PM

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Good news: Nevada is pretty dry! Probably don’t have to worry about a whole lot of mold

Bad news: NEvada is pretty dry, that jacket definitely needs some conditioner


30th Jun 2022, 4:22 PM

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Not a fan of crop tops I see


30th Jun 2022, 5:45 PM

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Nah! Not for a while, he’s not comfortable with his midriff out right now. Time to find something long enough for his torso!